WF3 Kindness

WF3 Kindness was set up in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak in March 2020 to support people in Tingley, Ardsley & Thorpe.

Their objective is to help and support people in the area and spread kindness, they’ve done this by providing food hampers, distributing Kindness Packages, opening a clothes bank which was made available to people in need and offered support with tasks and activities around the home.

WF3 Kindness was set up by Daniel Frank and his family who, with the help of many volunteers continue to make a positive difference to people in their daily lives.

Our club reached out to Daniel to offer our support to them and we were delighted to welcome Dan to Morley & District Lions Club as a member, Dan brought with him the WF3 Kindness project which he continues to manage with our support.

You can read more abut the great things they are doing by visiting the WF3 Kindness website here.