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Message in a Bottle

Lions Clubs Message in a Bottle is a simple but effective way for people to keep their basic personal and medical details where they can be found in an emergency on a standard form and in a common location – the fridge.

The bottle found in the fridge!

Message in a Bottle (known within Lions as MIAB) helps emergency services personnel to save valuable time in identifying an individual very quickly and knowing if they have any allergies or take special medication.

Paramedics, police, fire-fighters and social services support this Lions life-saving initiative and know to look in the fridge when they see the Message in a Bottle stickers, supplied. The initiative provides peace of mind that prompt and appropriate medical assistance can be provided, and next of kin / emergency contacts can be notified.

More than 6 million Message in a Bottle kits has been distributed by Lions Clubs International (MD105) British Isles to people with conditions such as diabetes, allergies, disabilities and life-threatening illnesses.

Clubs are able to provide Message in a Bottle within their local communities free of charge thanks to fund-raising and generous donations from the public and businesses. It is not just vulnerable people who benefit from Message in a Bottle. Anyone with health conditions could have an accident at home.

The Message in a Bottle kit includes a form, where personal and medical information is detailed. This is placed in the bottle (with its distinctive green branding), which is stored in the fridge. Two stickers are provided: one for the fridge door and the other for the inside of the front door of the premises.

Some FAQ's about the Message in a Bottle Scheme:

What is it?

It's a simple idea designed to encourage people to keep their basic personal and medical details on a form and in a common location - like the fridge!

What does it do?

It saves the Emergency Services valuable time if they need to enter a property in an emergency situation. Not only does it help identify who you are it also identifies if you have special medication or allergies. It is not only a potential lifesaver, but also it provides peace of mind to you, your friends and family by knowing that prompt medical treatment is provided and that the next of kin and emergency contacts are notified.

Who's it for?

ANYONE! Whilst it is focused on the more vulnerable people in a community, anyone can have an accident in the home, so this scheme can benefit anyone.

How much does it cost?

When ordering one bottle the scheme is free to the public and is funded by your local Lions Club.

Who knows about it?

All Emergency Services are aware of the Message in a Bottle scheme, by displaying the green stickers in your home, the emergency services will locate the bottle by going to your fridge and use the forms inside to ensure you are treated quickly which can save time and save lives.

What's in the bottle?

A form which you fill in with your name, medicines, allergies & relatives contact details. There is also two green stickers for you to display at home where the Emergency Services will see them.

What do I have to do?

Fill in the form and put it in the bottle. You then need to put the bottle in your fridge - put one green sticker on your fridge door and the other green sticker on the INSIDE of your house door.

Who co-ordinates the Scheme locally?

We do! Morley & District Lions Club have taken part in this scheme for many years. 

How can I order a bottle?

You can collect a bottle (for free) from one of our Collection Points (see below) within our district, just pop in and ask for a Lions Message in a Bottle and you will be given what you need.
Alternatively, you can order a bottle by contacting us, you can do this by sending us a message here or by sending an email to: or by calling us on our freephone number: 0800-074-8755.

Message in a Bottle Collection Points:


Drighlington Health Centre

Station Road, Drighlington, Bradford, BD11 1JU

Tel: 0113 2956888

Fountain Medical Centre

Little Fountain Street, Morley, Leeds, LS27 9EN

Tel: 0113 2951600

Gildersome Health Centre

Finkle Lane, Gildersome, Leeds, LS27 7HL

Tel: 0113 2535134

Leigh View Medical Centre

Bradford Road, Tingley, Wakefield, WF3 1RQ

Tel: 0113 2537628

Middleton Health Centre

Middleton Park Avenue, Middleton, Leeds, LS10 4HT

Tel: 0113 2077000

Morley Health Centre

Cooperation Street, Morley, Leeds, LS27 9HB

Tel: 0113 8432500

Rowlands Pharmacy

Bradford Road, Tingley, Wakefield, WF3 1RQ

Tel: 0113 2381763

WF3 Kindness

Thirlmere Drive, Tingley, Wakefield, WF3 1PU

Tel: 0800 8611456

Change of Details? 

If your details have changed or you wish to update the form in your bottle, you can just request a replacement form rather than a completely new bottle. You can also download a form to print at home and complete with your details. You can download a new form by clicking here

Our Other Projects:

Our Other Projects:

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)


The Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) helps improve people's lives around the world, from combating vision problems to responding to catastrophes to providing valuable life skills to youth. 

Spectacle Recycling


We are proud to work with other Lions Clubs throughout the UK to collect unwanted and damaged spectacles.

These are then sent to Chichester Lions Club which processes tens of thousands of recycled spectacles each year. All donations are examined by a team of Lions and other volunteers in the recycling workshop. Sorted pairs of glasses are then be sent for grading and later distribution across the globe.

WF3 Kindness

WF3 Kindness Logo.jpg

A local project within our district supporting WF3 Kindness which was set up to provide practical help and support to people living or working in Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe.

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