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We Serve

Locally, Nationally and Internationally

Our 1.4 million members in 49,000 clubs bring hands and hearts to the communities we serve in nearly every country on earth. With the support of Lions Clubs International, Lions and Leos provide hands-on service, raise funds and advocate to support local and global causes. Lions help hundreds of millions of people around the world every year.



Morley and District Lions manage and support lots of community projects across South Leeds, North Kirklees and the surrounding area.

Since 1978, we have being involved in hundreds of community initiatives, from spectacle and hearing aid recycling to running WF3 Kindness, an award winning project that supports people that live, work or go to school across Tingey, Ardsley and Thorpe.

Morley & District Lions, our local zone and the wider district all take part in various projects, Local clubs focus generally on local projects and making a real difference to the local communities in which we live.


Additionally, through Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) we are able to respond to national and international events. We have confidence in knowing that any support or donations that we provide internationally will be managed by fellow lions with similar values across the globe. It is a fundamental ethos of all Lions Clubs that not a single penny of our administration costs is taken from funds donated by the public.

You can read more about some of our projects below:

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