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Who we are

Dan Frank

Dan lives in Tingley with his wife and young son, Dan is our club Secretary and also leads on the WF3 Kindness project.

Dan Pic1 (YEP credit)_edited.jpg

Dan joined the club in May 2020 after he became known to us following some great work that he had coordinated in the Tingley, Ardsley and Thorpe areas of the city helping many people during lockdown, we agreed that Dan could bring his community group WF3 Kindnessunder our umbrella and we can support as one of our projects, Dan continues to manage WF3 Kindness as well as working for a global business law firm.

Dan is our Club Secretary and Trustee and maintains our online presence by building our website and will help to manage our social media platforms.

Dan has a good relationship with many charities and is also a big Rugby League fan and sits on the Supporters Board at Leeds Rhinos.


Other Members...

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Roy Field



Clive Barwell



Louisa Weir



Susan Sutcliffe


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